Engineering Capabilities

Engineering Capabilities


The Stover Group has extensive experience and capabilities covering the total spectrum of water and wastewater treatment within both the industrial and municipal sectors. Services currently provided by the Engineering Division include feasibility and planning studies, conceptual design, process engineering, detail design and construction engineering efforts, start-up assistance, and operator training.

The Stover Group is considered one of the premier wastewater consulting firms, especially in the area of high-strength industrial wastewater and sludge treatment, due in large part to its vast experience and expertise in the full spectrum of water quality issues, and its long-term commitment to extensive in-house research and development activities.

Concept Engineering Services

The Stover Group has extensive experience and capabilities in, and currently provides, a broad array of concept engineering services in the water and wastewater treatment process area, including:

  • Concept development and design
  • Detail design services
  • Construction services
  • Process feasibility studies
  • Problem definition
  • Process engineering and evaluation
  • Treatment plant design evaluation

Treatability & Process Development and Design Services

The Stover Group also has vast experience and capabilities in providing bench, pilot, and full-scale water, wastewater, and groundwater treatability and feasibility studies, including:

  • Aerobic and anaerobic biological treatability studies
  • Physical/chemical treatability studies for heavy metals removal, solids separation via clarification or dissolved air flotation, and sludge dewatering
  • Air and steam stripping for VOC and ammonia removal
  • Ozone disinfection, treatability and process design
  • Ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and UV chemical oxidation studies
  • Carbon adsorption treatability evaluations
  • Alternative selection and process design
  • Demonstration projects

The aerobic evaluations include activated sludge, SBR’s, fixed-film, and biological nutrient (N&P) removal systems. A temperature controlled room provides for fixed-film, suspended growth, and hybrid sludge blanket anaerobic treatability studies.

Other services include biological inhibition screening tests for assessment of the potential effect of a wastewater or compounds on downstream processes such as conventional biological treatment and nitrification.

Industrial Wastewater Engineering Services

The Stover Group and Dr. Stover are renowned for their experience and expertise in the industrial wastewater treatment area. Dr. Stover is a foremost authority on wastewater treatment, especially in the pharmaceutical, food and alcoholic beverage processing, refinery, and petrochemical industries. Specific services provided in the industrial market include:

  • Alternative evaluations
  • Compliance liaison
  • Operations consulting
  • Demonstration projects
  • Plant evaluations
  • Pretreatment programs/permitting
  • Sampling and monitoring programs
  • Sludge handling and dewatering
  • Treatability studies (bench-scale and pilot-scale)
  • Waste treatment and disposal
  • Wastewater characterization
  • Wastewater minimization
  • Water and chemical balances
  • Concept engineering


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