Operations Overview


The principal service provided by the Operations Division is the contract operation and management of industrial wastewater treatment plants of domestic industrial clients. The division was formed in response to clients’ requests for such services upon the clients’ realization that what makes a good industrial Carafe of clean and dirty waterproduct manufacturer does not make a good wastewater treatment plant manager. Increasingly industrial clients are recognizing that the skill, expertise and experience necessary for proper management and operation of wastewater treatment facilities can only, in most cases, be cost effectively obtained through contract operations by a qualified expert.

Additionally, the Operations Division, either in support of the Engineering Division or in support of the client directly, provides a broad range of plant operations-related services, such as client operator training, plant start-up assistance, process-related systems development, and troubleshooting.

Facilities & Personnel

The Operations Division currently occupies 1100 square feet of management, office, and library space, as well as a filamentous bacteria identification laboratory, which is shared with the Engineering Division. Aside from administrative and management office space shared with the Engineering Division, all facilities occupied by division personnel are client-owned and typically are situated within or adjacent to the client’s production facility. The Operations Division is staffed by highly qualified and certified operations engineers and treatment plant managers and operators, all under the direction of Dr. Stover. The staff of the Operations Division is supported by a full complement of engineers, scientists, technicians and computer programmers.

Resources & Equipment

Operations personnel are equipped with required safety equipment, operator uniforms, and all equipment required for specialized testing or studies, and related services. Other normal items and equipment associated with plant operations are generally client-owned and provided.


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