Operations Capabilities

Operations Capabilities


The Operations Division, with its highly qualified and experienced staff of wastewater treatment plant managers and operators, in conjunction with the full support of the technical process and engineering support of the Engineering Division, is one of the premier providers of wastewater treatment plant operations services. In addition to the orderly, efficient and skilled management and operation of their wastewater treatment facility, the client receives the full technical and scientific support of the entire organization for troubleshooting, process evaluation and control solutions

Contract Operations & Management Services

The Stover Group’s founding emphasis on water and wastewater has provided a solid basis for direct management and operation of treatment facilities for industrial and municipal clients.

For both industry and municipalities, in-house personnel with an understanding of everyday operations, specialized technology, state and federal regulations, and sound management practices are all too often not available due to financial constraints.

The Stover Group’s Operations Division, as a contract treatment plant operator and manager, offers the advantage of being able to supply professional expertise in lieu of the client hiring full-time specialized personnel for treatment plant administration, operations process control, maintenance, engineering and a host ofChemist at work other ancillary functions. Rather, appropriate specialists or auxiliary support personnel are brought in as needed. This offers clients access to a wide range of personnel with a depth of experience impossible to afford with in-house personnel resources. Instead, the expense of these highly skilled professionals is spread over a number of clients.

Less obvious but equally as costly to the industry or municipality are the costs associated with sustaining quality operation of water and wastewater facilities. These include:

  • Operator training
  • Supplemental operators due to special circumstances such as illness and vacations
  • Laboratory training
  • Filamentous bacteria typing for plant troubleshooting

In short, the client, by utilizing The Stover Group as the contract operator and manager of their treatment plant, obtains the orderly, skilled management, and operation of their treatment plant and the full support of the entire organization for troubleshooting, process evaluation and control solutions, at an affordable and cost-effective rate.

Plant Startup & Upgrade Support

The Operations Division draws upon its vast operational experience to provide a host of support services to clients choosing to maintain in-house plant operations personnel. These services cover most, if not all, aspects of plant operations, and include:

  • Operator training and qualification
  • Laboratory training and qualification
  • Construction assistance
  • Plant startup assistance
  • Operations and maintenance manuals preparation
  • Development of treatment process control programs
  • Process design evaluations and optimization studies
  • Overall plant troubleshooting, advice and assistance
  • Filamentous bacteria identification services


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