FIL-IDENTPro®, The Stover Group‘s latest innovation in the wastewater treatment arena, is a software tool designed to assist in the rapid identification of filamentous bacteria found in biological wastewater treatment systems. In conjunction with standard microscopic identification techniques, the use of FIL-IDENTPro; results in significant time-savings when compared to the time involved in identification using the standard methods alone.

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FIL-IDENTPro makes it easy to correctly identify 23 commonly observed filamentous bacteria with high resolution color images, complete descriptions of the filament types, and innovative search trees.

FIL-IDENTPro includes the following:

  • Classification information on 23 commonly observed filamentous bacteria
  • High resolution color images of filamentous bacteria, other microorganisms and higher life forms
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use drop-down menus
  • Independent, specialized search trees incorporated into the program help eliminate guess work
  • In-depth help system provides answers to your most common questions
  • Quick access to technical support and program updates and upgrades
  • In-depth manual contains information on program functionality, search tree procedures, and sample collection and analysis tips

System Requirements

FIL-IDENTPro is designed to run on a Microsoft Windows® 9x/NT based computer with 16 MB of memory, 30 MB of free disk storage space, and a video resolution of 800×600 in high color (16-bit/65,536 colors) or greater.


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